Whether you’re looking to grow your family, or need custom home renovation of an existing floor plan or new room addition,

Holz & Stein is a custom home remodeling contractor in Dallas who works in accordance with your schedule including privacy in your home life, and custom layout established in the design process.

A Few Services Provided To Consider:


Would you like us to work with your bank for the construction loan?


Interior and exterior: home renovation and remodeling services to add more space or an “updated” life.


Are we building in a conservation or historical neighborhood that requires city approvals?

The Holz & Stein Renovation Process

Holz & Stein focuses on home renovations that transform your home into a space that is sensible and stunning. We talk to you about not only remodeling, but also the financial investment, helping you think through the eventual sale of your home.


Improving the quality of life and longevity of your home requires upkeep to ensure you and your family have a home that lasts. Holz & Stein believes offering a “green home” solution to your home renovation is part of that:

  • Significant savings over a long-term period with utility costs
  • Reduced maintenance and expenses
  • Healthier indoors, providing a more comfortable environment
  • Environmentally friendly and better sustainable for the future

Holz & Stein takes into account all your needs while working on renovating or remodeling your home in Dallas. If you are looking to improve on the quality of life and give your family something that will benefit their living space, and overall the quality and sustainability of your home, “going green” may be a solution to consider.


At Holz & Stein Custom Homes, we help you stay in the home that you love, while giving you the updated living features you and your family will greatly benefit from. We blend your existing living space and

renovation ideas effortlessly,while providing the utmost respect for your privacy during our construction phase. Contact us for custom home remodeling and renovations in Dallas, TX.