Mara Dallas, TX

I am often asked to write letters of recommendation, be it for prospective medical students, medical students seeking residencies, or faculty members seeking academic promotions. In this case, I would like to provide what is essentially an unsolicited letter fully supporting you and Holz & Stein Custom Homes.

Lisa and I have appreciated your guidance and thoughtfulness throughout what turned out to be a substantial home renovation project, and process. You did a wonderful job identifying superb contractors. You and your foremen were bright, articulate, and flexible yet firm in making sure that there was careful attention to detail. These attributes were shared with our architect and his associate to form a successful working relationship. Your consistent availability and honesty were, and remain, important to us.

Mark Richardson, TX

We hired Holz & Stein Custom Homes to design and build our garage apartment and are very pleased with the final work product.


The garage apartment was a large undertaking and included a second level game-room/kitchenette, bedroom and full bath, plus a new garage and covered patio so we were a bit nervous about the project. We met with several contractors to discuss our project and quickly decided on Holz & Stein.  Brian, gave us a fair price and was able to stick to the budget and complete the job within the agreed project timeline. Ali was also very flexible and agreed to use our design/construction contract which gave us the comfort we needed to undertake the job. Once the project began we were put at ease when we saw the skill and efficiency of the contractor and subcontractors. The construction site was kept clean and ongoing with very few delays though out the project. Our questions were always answered and problems addressed.

We have received many compliments on the work done, even from electricians, plumbers as well as from the City of Houston inspectors. Ali has done a great job for us and has even come back after finishing the project to tweak a few things here and there! It shows he cares about doing a professional job.

Sam and Tim North Dallas

Sam and I are excited to have our new home nearly completed. We are looking forward to moving in! You and your team have done a terrific job. This is the fifth time we have built a home and it is definitely the best built of them all. The finish work is of uniformly high quality, and the “bones” are rock-solid.

We were also delighted with the enthusiasm, attention to detail and care brought to the job by your team of subcontractors. Finally, whenever issues did arise, you were quick to resolve them to our satisfaction. For such a significant undertaking, the process with Holz & Stein Custom Homes was relatively straightforward. And, despite upward cost pressure throughout the project (it is always so tempting to add nicer finishes, more trim, etc.) the construction work managed by Holz & Stein was virtually on budget. We are happy to be a positive reference for future clients.

David – Kessler Park

We have very much appreciated working with Holz & Stein Custom Homes.  Our renovation was outstanding!  Their pro-active collaboration and problem solving ensured the project was completed within budget and schedule parameters. We look forward to working with Brian on new projects in the future.