Meet the Team

“The first question I am always asked”, said Brian Karr, “is who is Holz and Stein when your last name is Karr? Let me explain”, he goes on. “My family migrated from Germany in the early 1900’s and settled in the west Texas oil fields. The word Holz is Germanic for WOOD and the word STEIN Germanic/Norwegian for rock or STONE. That’s why we say Our Name Says It All. It’s two of the most expensive components of your home”.

With a strong business vision, determination and natural ability for construction, Brian Karr began his homebuilding career in 1999 by stripping and flipping homes in the Dallas area and learning his trade from the ground up to create Karr Construction Company. Some of those flips turned into a string of rental properties but during this time Brian opened a hardwood floor and granite countertop company named ( ) to accommodate his growing list of select clientele.  “I wanted to reshape the look and feel of wood floors and stone and bring a European look and design to DFW. Our floors make bold, distinctive design statements for the contemporary and transitional home”. Now Brian brings his distinctive flair for home building to an exclusive niche from approximately 2,800 Sq Ft to 10,000 Sq. Ft or more. “Although we build to suit any client’s request, Modern design is my personal passion” Brian recently expressed. “I love the open space, clean lines and details that bring it all together. When designed and built right, you begin to appreciate the small aspects that make it all come together as an enjoyable total unit. I hope you too can make my home your home.”


Mark brings to Holz & Stein 44 years of communication skills and sales experience to insure the project you are involved with is done right the first time. Mark’s background includes having been regional sales manager for the largest modular building company in Texas, overseeing an automotive industry giant’s Internet sales department as well as involvement in several other on-line, e-commerce projects. Communications are a skill and a necessity, he will tell you, especially when it comes to perfection and expectations. “Listening is probably the most important part of this business“ Mark says. “It’s not so much about selling as it is about understanding”. Mark graduated from Emerson College in Boston, MA where, (speaking of communications) he received a degree in broadcasting with a minor in speech and worked in radio and television including WTVJ TV Miami, FL, the CBS Television Network in NYC, locally with a Dallas Group W Westinghouse Broadcast station as well as involvement with and in various local commercial productions.